Saturday, January 15, 2011


Thank you for stopping and reading about my Website.  This is simply a link page which will direct you by clicking  here to visit me.

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My objective is to pass on to you navigating skills using a map and compass. Here you develop a base knowledge and level of competence that will allow you to explore and navigate your next outdoor adventure with confidence and understanding.

Through a series of instructions you will achieve the ability to navigate proficiently and effectively thus enhancing your self confidence and self reliance where it really counts. You will also gain the ability to communicate with others speaking the language of "map and compass." 

The knowledge shared here is more than simple point A-B navigation. It is my belief that knowledge with clarity and understanding are paramount in creating a sound and practical application. I offer you more than a ten minute explanation of navigation. Instead, you experience a learning environment with academic and practical exercises that allow you to stay actively involved while you obtain new knowledge and utilize newly acquired map and compass skills.

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Chris @ FM/C